I’ve attended several regenerative medicine/stem cell training courses in the past. However, my customized PuRxCell training experience is definitely so much different and better than the others.

Dr. Chris Paulus started with basic but imperative fundamental knowledge and science for regenerative medicine. As a clinical practitioner, it’s very dangerous to just “use“ products without actually “knowing” the actual science behind the product. From basic science to clinical application, the PuRxCell training examines evidence-based clinical trials that show the efficacy and “real “outcomes of the application of regenerative medicine.

Dr. Purita is a very knowledgeable and one of a kind expert in Regenerative Medicine especially the orthopedic field. During my training, he told me: the only mission that we are going to accomplish is to make you into a real expert! Just Ask me any question that you have. Anytime, anywhere. His method and protocol are always evolving and apply the newest evidence and research transformed into his daily practice.

There’s no one treatment for all but PuRxCell tailored their training, specifically to my needs which definitely helped me upgrade and enhance my own knowledge and skill level in regenerative medicine, every aspect

Charles Kang, M.D.

“It is a Honor to be part of PuRxCell Network.
I met Dr Purita around 2011 and learned about Stem Cells treatment.
Since that time I’ve been working with my patients using the PuRxCell protocols and Kits
The results have been amazing!
Thanks for letting me be part of this special team”

Dr Marlon Alarcon
Guayaquil- ECUADOR 

The three day training program is very thorough and dynamic. Trainees get to review science, actual patient cases and process specimen for the different protocols. It is an excellent experience in best of breed practices in Regenerative Medicine. “

Roberto Hidalgo, M.D.

One of the best things in regenerative medicine is the theory and skill you learn from your mentors. This time with the advent of PurXCell under Dr Joseph Purita, one could not just simply assume that everything in the market is just the same. With the help of Dr Chris Paulis, PurXCell has jumpstarted a technology that no one else has dared to open. With a strong scientific background and research they have again proven an excellent product and technique that no one else has ever done. It has simplified things to the point that processing the cells into products that make a difference is all that matters. 
   I have never regretted training under their auspices and supervision for I have seen good results in my patients. Like A2M and muse cells, it has revolutionize the way we approach patients. And it’s like choosing from the list in the menu which works best and which is appropriate for the patients. Nothing really beats research and a thorough knowledge of scientific evidence to back up claims about the results of the treatment! And the more you use these treatments, the more you will be convinced that products like these needs thorough study and learning. But only from the best source. God heals we doctors assist in the healing process by choosing the best technology available.
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Jeimylo C de Castro, MD, DPBRM, RMSK, DABRM
Physical Medicine and Rehabiiitation
Musculoskeletal Sonologist
Diagnostic and Interventional MSK Ultrasound
Regenerative and Sports Medicine

 I visited PuRxCell and Dr Joseph Purita for purpose of getting more experience and practical skills in harvesting and processing stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue.
The PuRxCell training program exceeded my expectations. It was comprehensive with both clinical, science and lab processing components.
I have attended other stem cell training courses but came away with confusion and more unanswered questions. PuRxCell’s science-based approach eliminated my confusion.
I highly recommend the training for doctors at all levels of experience in Regenerative Medicine.

Best regards
Suad Trebinjac, M.D., Ph.D.

Training with Dr Purita and his team has definitely taken my practice to the next level. Ever since I trained with him first in 2012, he has brought me along with him to be at the forefront of innovation.  The PuRxCell team including Dr Chris Paulus, Bob Colucci and Jeremy Carino certainly did a good job of customizing my training. This allowed me to use the same procedures Dr. Purita uses on his patients in my own unique clinical setting. The team has also made me feel confident by having provided first rate post training support.  Learning cutting edge techniques with Dr Purita again early this year has helped me to help more of my patients get better faster. 

Fanklin Domingo, M.D.

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