PuRxCell provides customized physician training, treatment protocols, affordable productsand services to Regenerative Medicine physicians at any specialty background and experience level.

Processing Kits and Accessories 

​​​​​​​​Physician Training

To lay the foundation for a successful Regenerative Medicine practice, PuRxCell provides world class Regenerative Medicine training with a focus on an in-depth exposure to PRP and Stem Cell treatments.Emphasis is placed on patient selection, procedural competence and maximizing patient outcomes.  Additional training is provided on the use of ancillary technologies and products. To complement the practical experience, PuRxCell also provides basic science instruction in cell and molecular biology to enhance the practitioner's didactic knowledge base in Regenerative Medicine.

Procedure Protocols

PuRxCell's proprietary procedure protocols are based on the most advanced applications of autologous Stem Cells and Growth Factors to treat musculoskeletal conditions. These protocols were carefully crafted and refined over the course of 10 years in collaboration with many other experts in the field. Ultimately, PuRxCell treatment protocols represent the procedures with the highest likelihood of ideal patient outcomes based on a combination of  advanced science and evidence-based medicine.

Processing Protocols

PuRxCell's proprietary cell and tissue processing protocols add extraordinary uniqueness to the family of PuRxCell procedures. These protocols add unique science-based products to the family of PuRxCell procedures. These protocols are designed to allow for rapid processing, while maximizing the biologic potency of the product. Together with the far lower costs of disposables, PuRxCell protocols represent the highest value in the musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine industry.

Practice and Marketing Support

PuRxCell is committed to the successof our licensees. In addition to physician training, protocols and products, we also offer physician consultation support, lab support, as well as full-service marketing. Learn more about our marketing support by clicking here.

PuRxCell offers proprietary Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Bone Marrow and Adipose processing kits. These advanced kits represent the highest value in the Regenerative Medicine industry. This is based on PuRxCell's unique capability of combining advanced science with lower cost solutions. Ultimately, Regenerative Medicine physicians save time and lower their disposable costs, all of which contributes to precious revenue. PuRxCell also offers proprietary Growth Factors to augment the outcomes of PRP and Stem Cell procedures.

     PuRx-PRP Kit

            Semi-Closed and Closed System Options

            Single and Double Spine Options

            3-4x - 7-8x PRP Concentration Options

            Small (2-4cc) and Large (6-10cc) Options

     PuRx-Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Kit


                        BMA Needle

                        BMAC Processing Chamber


                        all other items required for procedure and processing

            Most comprehensive kit in the industry  


     PuRx-Adipose Kit

             Lipoaspirate purification and micronization

             Unique RBC and Oil Elimination System

             Multiple Micronization Options

                        Disposable Filter

                        Non-Disposable, Reusable Filter System

             Ideal for Musculoskeletal and Cosmetic Applications

     PuRx-A2M Kit

            Rapid Point of Care System

            PPP Filtration Method