Each practice is different. Each market is different. Regenerative Medicine is emerging, nuanced and an out-of-pocket patient expense -- which means their expectations are higher. The story your brand tells is more important than it was in a payer-based model, if you want to reach and retain those patients. There are no "standard" solutions to your particular situation, but we can help you get it right. 

PuRxCelloffers comprehensive marketing support from professionals with experience specific to the Regenerative Medicine market. Our team has helped other providers expand into the field from the ground-up, worked with existing Regenerative Medicine practices to reach and retain more patients, as well as lead high-conversion campaigns across all digital and print platforms for providers just like you (and not like you).

This is why we offer each client an initial consultation to discuss your practice, and provide experienced insight on how to best leverage your marketing dollars for maximum results. Click for more info.


While most practices prefer custom-tailored marketing for their particular situation, we do receive requests for comprehensive packages. For these clients we have created two value-added packages for providers looking for somewhere to begin. Click here for marketing packages.