Dr. De Castro is a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialist, residency trained from the University of Santo 

   Toma Hospital, Manila, Philippines.  He is also a Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine. Diplomate and Fellow,

   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. de Castro is also board certified by the American Board of Regenerative Medicine. In

   addition, Dr. de Castro is the Chairman, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, The Medical City--South Luzon, Sta

   Rosa City, Laguna,Philippines.

   Dr. Chun-Wei (Charles) Kang is a board certified specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with additional expertise in 

   Ultrasound guided injections, achieving the prestigious rank as Registered Musculoskeletal System Sonologist (RMSK). Dr. Kang

   received his medical education at the prestigous Taipei Medical University, where he continues to have an academic appointment as

   an attending physician. He is also the president of New Life Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine Clinic as well as

   CEO of DRGYM Medical Fitness, LLC.

PuRxCell is a Regenerative Medicine Biotech company focused on enhancing the competence and success of Regenerative Medicine physicians and practices. PuRxCell's core offerings consist of the most advanced physician training, most cost effective and efficacious Stem Cell and PRP processing systems, associated products and supplements, as well as ongoing practice support. PuRxCell offers a turnkey operation to those new to the field, while enhancing the competence and offerings of those with experience in the field. All of PuRxCell's products and services are available under licensing of packages or package components. Licensing packages are designed to provide a wide range of value to maximize the impact on practice success. Clinical training packages are customized to meet each individual physician's experience level and needs.

Shane Fedderman has been helping medical practices increase their patient base and get their message out for over a decade; he brings unique perspective and experience to the PuRxCell Team. Shane has created, and successfully managed marketing campaigns for multiple Regenerative Medicine practices.  His ability to help practices turn patients into fans by telling a compelling brand-based story is truly unique. His experience in navigating the emerging regenerative medicine market, the evolving regulatory guidelines, and the specifics of the target patient population is a tremendous asset. With particular expertise in the areas of patient acquisition and retention, patient database expansion, new capability campaigns, social media marketing, branding, and digital/online/web marketing -- he brings a strong understanding of these vital components to growing a Regenerative Medicine practice. Flexibility in approach is one of Shane’s particular strengths. Every program he creates is tailored to the specific needs of the practice – no “cookie-cutter” approach, and no reinventing the wheel. Shane works diligently to leverage  every marketing dollar spent to provide maximum results. Unlike other marketing programs, Shane’s successful experience in the field adds unmatched value, and further solidifies the PuRxCell mission to offer real-life Regenerative Medicine practice experience to its providers.

   Kimberly Gaytan is an accomplished Outreach and Development Director and Physician Assistant with more than ​​15 years of combined     experience in patient care, sales, marketing and customer relationship management.  As a Physician Assistant, she practiced in the field

   of internal, occupational, and tropical medicine, infectious disease, and OBGYN in the Washington DC Metro area.  She earned her

   Bachelor of Science degree from Wesley College and completed her Physician Assistant training at Essex - Community College of

   Baltimore County. Kimberly’s Physician Assistant rotations included Johns Hopkins and Perry Point VA Medical Center.  She has taught

   at the college level and continues to remain engaged in the education community.

  Prior to joining PuRxCell, Kimberly established partnerships, relationships and cooperative arrangements with federal, state and local

  organizations/agencies to increase resources and led community marketing, outreach and communications initiatives to build visibility

  and presence in the community for a Virginia based non-profit organization serving Military service members.
  Kimberly is a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.  Her professional interests include increasing the awareness of

  Veterans needs, chronic diseases and the health benefits of regenerative medicine. She is an avid marathon runner, horseback rider

  and has provided therapeutic horseback riding for service members and their families.


  Doctor Hidalgo graduated as General Physician from the University of Guayaquil – ECUADOR. He obtained the title of specialist in    

  Clinical Oncology at Valle Hebron Hospital - Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain under Spain’s official program of INSALUD.

  He was certified by the Board of Regenerative Medicine by the American Board of Regenerative Medicine and is an active Member of

  American Academy of Medicine Regenerative. Doctor Hidalgo received advanced training in Regenerative Medicine by PuRxCell in


  He is Chief of Regenerative Medicine at the RegeneraCell Center in Guayaquil-ECUADOR. Dr. Hidalgo also practices at the Hospitals 

  Omnihospital, Kennedy Samborondon  and RegeneraCell Center (inside CAAMES) of Guayaquil-Ecuador.

Widely acclaimed as one of the world's experts in Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine, board certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Joseph R. Purita, M.D. is PuRxCell's Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Purita is best known for his Orthopedic Stem Cell and PRP expertise. He is a frequent national and international lecturer and the first President of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine and the American Board of Regenerative Medicine. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Purita has treated over 8,500 patients with PRP and Stem Cell procedures. In that time and through many collaborations with other experts in the field, Dr. Purita has developed highly unique and advanced treatment protocols, procedures and products which have advanced his practice far beyond others in the field. Dr. Purita is routinely sought out by professional athletes, VIPs and dignitaries. He has also been featured on ESPN, the LA Times, and New York Daily News.

View Dr. Purita's CV here.

Robert Colucci, M.S. brings more than 25 years of management and senior leadership experience to PuRxCell. A retired Navy Captain, Bob has lead many large and small organizations. For the last 8 years he has run and consulted with various medical practices, where he grew revenue and expanded operations. He possesses a unique background in multi-level contracting and distribution. He had broad experience in finance and operations analysis. Robert has  more than ten years in developing and fielding software solutions, and managing large organizations and start-up operations.